Super Bowl XL (Steelers over Seahawks)

A couple of days ago I said:

“Carolina upsets Seattle, and surprising Denver hangs on in a close one over Pittsburg. I think Carolina wins because Coach Fox will out maneuver Holmgren and company. I used to like Denver (T. Davis and Elway and Reeves), but not so much these days. I am not a fan of Pittsburg, but I love Hines Ward. I just like Denver at home.”

So I was wrong on all accounts, which is the reason I do not bet on football! I am going to piss off the Pittsburg crowd and pull for the Steelers. I still do not have much respect for Seattle, but they look very impressive yesterday.


One thought on “Super Bowl XL (Steelers over Seahawks)”

  1. Seattle hasnt been tested in comparison, but they have a great OLine, a mobile quarterback who doesnt make a lot of mistakes, the league’s rushing leader and a coach who has won a Superbowl.

    But I can’t bet against that aggressive 3-4 Steeler defense and an OLine that geve BR a lot of time to throw against a tough Carolina front 7.

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