New Management Football Game

EA Sports (of all places) has announced a new management focused game called NFL Head Coach. The press release describes it as “the first 3-D sports strategy game.” Hmmm, what about their own FIFA Manager 06 and the entire Total Club Manager series? Wasn’t F1 Manager (another EA Sports game) 3-D or am I remembering incorrectly? I guess EA Sports Europe doesn’t count.

The game is being developed by EA Tiburon (why don’t they call this EA Orlando?), the fine folks that program the wonderful franchise mode in Madden. Some day I will recount a conversation with a member of the Tiburon studio who had never heard of the (then) Championship Manager series of games.

I have zero enthusiasm for this product. Will take many, many positive reviews from people I trust before I’d think about purchasing a management sim from EA Sports.


3 thoughts on “New Management Football Game”

  1. I guess the piece does say the first 3-D sports strategy game for "football" so I jumbed the gun a bit :-). Unfortunately with EA Sports, games that are supposed to by interesting to the "casual" gamer are always really, really bad games. See the Triple Play series for further information.

  2. I wonder if they really think they can target guys like us by making a serious NFL sim. My guess is they just take Madden and remove the PS2/Xbox graphics and call it a day.

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