Allow me to (re)Introduce Myself

Those of you that visited Jonathan’s “Way Back Machine” may recognize some of my past contributions to the original Calvert Games. After spilling my guts at my own blog for a bit, I’ve decided to attempt to improve my image once again by partnering with Jonathan and his website! Thanks for graciously allowing me back into the fold, Jonathan…

Typically, like many other “gamers with responsibilities,” my contributions will tend to ebb and flow. I’m heavily involved in one of the local youth soccer clubs, where my son is a premiere player, and I run the recreational league. Basically, when soccer’s in full force, I don’t have much time for anything else. Now that the season’s done for a couple of months, I’ll have some free time to share some thoughts and opinions here at the Recycle Bin.

The days of 4000-word reviews for me are most likely over. Instead, I’ll post on what ever seems to strike my fancy at the moment. Things like sports, pop culture, video games, current events, etc. will all most likely get coverage. For example, if I had the time a couple months back, I would’ve loved to have posted about the irony of Ricky Williams’ study of holistic medicine in GRASS VALLEY, California. You can’t make stuff like that up! Hopefully, I’ll offer something pertinent, informative, and/or humorous. If not, let me apologize in advance…


4 thoughts on “Allow me to (re)Introduce Myself”

  1. Kevin – once again, welcome back!

    Now to get you in Chris’ IOSBL along with Geoff and the other great GMs.

  2. I was thinking about that… Where do you get OOTP? What does the version you’re using cost? Are their league openings? I know something like this is right up my alley… I should be able to find some time to at least be an active participant, too! E-mail me the details, when you get a chance…


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