A Long Time Ago …

No, not another Star Wars post, but a Internet Archive Wayback Machine link to the olden days of Calvert Games. It is kind of interesting for me to see the evolution of the site; figured some other long time readers would get some giggles as well.

As long as I am digging up old crap, here is one from before I lost my gaming innocence:

“Announcement: New Sports Reviewer At “Sports Reviewers”
Sports Reviewers is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to its team. Jonathan Calvert brings Sports Reviewers his gaming expertise and ability to write outstanding, in-depth reviews. Some of you may already know Jonathan from his strong presence on Usenet. Enough with the pleasantries — Jonathan’s work will speak for itself. Welcome aboard Jonathan!
posted by Matt 8/10/2000 10:44:45 AM” [Source: Sports Reviewers August 15, 2000 Archive]

It has been a long time since those days; a very long time.


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