F1 2005 (Malaysian GP)

For the first time in recent memory I did not watch an F1 race live and instead opted for the replay. I guess I am getting too old for this stuff; for back in the day, I would have stayed the course and watched the race in its entirety, or just set the alarm to get up and watch in the middle of the night. No more I guess.

I am not sure I am sold on all the new rules for the 2005 season, but it certainly looks like the racing governing body knows what it is doing; the Red Ponies are finally at the back of the pack, while other manufactures are at the top of the heap, all the while there is plenty of racing action on the track instead of in the pits.

More to come later, but drama of a different sort is finally in F1. Can Renualt maintain its pace? Will Ferrari fight back when they finally unveil their 2005 entry? Not that last year’s drama was bad (i.e. can Schumi win them all), but the young season is proving to be very interesting.


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