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I’m sure that I am preaching to the choir, but the SciFi Channel’s Friday night lineup is a solid three hours of pretty good storytelling. They were smart enough not to include the dreadful Andromeda and decided to showcase the network’s crown jewels. Thanks to Tivo, I started watching Stargate SG-1 last year and I feel as though I am pretty caught up since around a third of the SciFi Channel’s programming are SG-1 repeats. How this show has managed to remain somewhat fresh all of these years is a mystery that many other prgrams need to solve.

I’m slowly warming up to Stargate Atlantis. I see the previews for the shows and they never really seem to interest me. But I’ll watch it anyhow, and I am usually happy that I did.

But the show of shows is Battlestar Galactica. It is my favorite show on television. Better than 24 and much better than Alias (another one of my favorites). If you haven’t seen this series from the beginning, you’re really missing some quality writing . The acting can be over the top at times, but the way they portray a civilization’s last stand makes up for anything else wrong in the show.

My brother, also an elder gamer, complained loudly that Battlestar Galactica “sucked” because there were no cylons. Well, he meant the old fashioned cylons of yester-TV.

I like the complexity presented with the new cylon human copies. Especially the discussion that God was displeased with the human race, so He created the cylons. Will be interesting to see where this winds up later in the series.

So if you don’t like sitting in front of your TV contemplating such philosophical thoughts, then Battlestar Galactica probably isn’t going to float your boat.


5 thoughts on “Excellent Television”

  1. Chris, I am a huge fan of the original Battlestar Galactica. I have the collector’s ed DVD set, complete with cylone helmet/mask.

    I may be missing out, but I cannot bring myself to watch the updated version. Maybe when they start the series over in re-runs I will give it a chance. I know the original is rather corny by today’s standards, but that is what I grew up with, so it is hard for me to bring myself to watch the updated version.

  2. I think if you approach it as if the new series is brand new, you’ll appreciate it. You’re missing a great show.

  3. I just learned that Number Six (or something like that) is a former Victoria Secret model. Now I understand why the new BG is so popular! :)

    Seriously, Chris, how about posting an update when SciFi gets ready to show some reruns. I would like to catch it from the start instead of in the middle.

  4. The first thing you need to do, JC, is go out and rent the pilot that launched the series. It’s now available on DVD. It’s 4hrs long, will allow you to see the beginning, and will give you a pretty good basis on which to judge the show.

    And ah yes, the Cylon lapdancer. :S Her performance was actually offputting to me in the premier because it was so over the top, but it has been toned down some in the series.

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