The Day Before PS4 Day

November 15 marks the release of the PlayStation 4. Anticipation is in the air. The boys don’t know that we have one on the way from Amazon, which was ordered within hours of pre-release sales back in June. I have happily watched the box via UPS tracking go from West Columbia, SC to Doraville, GA.

Earlier in the week, Killzone, Assassins Creed and FIFA 14 arrived, joining a Dual Shock 4, which was shipped from Amazon at the end of October. All are safely tucked away, awaiting the PS4; usefulness awaits. The newest Need For Speed is also scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The kids are oblivious; sure they hope, and maybe expect, but they know pre-orders have long been closed. Of course much like the arrival of Santa, they know Christmas comes in boxes and envelopes from Amazon.

I’m taking PS4 Day off; I haven’t done that in a while. Not since the PS2. Even though the PS4 isn’t scheduled to arrive until early afternoon, anticipation is still in the air.

What to play first? PS+ ‘free’ offerings Resogun or Contrast? Most likely Need For Speed or FIFA since they are safe for the whole family.

More to come. Wishing you and yours a happy Day Before PS4 Day!


2 thoughts on “The Day Before PS4 Day”

  1. Yeah I picked up Madden, FIFA and BattleField 4. I may swap BF4 for NBA2K, though it’s suppose to be one of the most technically impressive. I don’t play shooters but you can watch matches too.

    What little glimpses of Madden gameplay that EA hasn’t managed to squash has disappointed people looking for a big jump in graphics.

    FIFA has gotten good reviews but I saw a demo of it side by side with the PS3 version and the difference doesn’t hit you on first glance but if you look enough, the differences are there.

    So hoping Madden has some comparable improvements.

    I realize BF4 is also an EA game, though developed by DICE in Sweden that they bought a few years ago.

    Probably not a good idea to reward one publisher but they are a major source of sports games and consoles still are the best place for sports games, compared to other genres.

  2. I thought about going with BF4, but decided on Killzone solely for it being exclusive. Bday and Christmas coming ups for NBA 2K or even BF4, but I guess I should try BF3 on my PS3 via PS+ to see if I would even be interested.

    I have very little confidence that Madden will show any improvements over and beyond graphics, but I do think FIFA will show graphics (mostly animations) and some gameplay improvements over the PS3 version, which is extremely solid.

    My Amazon order is scheduled to arrive sometime between noon-2PM.

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