NCAA Football 12 – Platinum at Last

My 4th of July celebration activities included some quality time with Kate, a family trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, plenty of beer and a final go at earning the NCAA Football 12 Platinum.

To be honest I had all, but given up. The final 3-4 trophies just seemed to be too much trouble, but I hated seeing the game at 92 (or whatever) percent complete. Just a little higher …

In between delicious pints of Sweetwater 420 (the nectar of the gods) I spent some quality time in the NCAA Football 12 board looking for some advice, help, cheats; anything to get me over the hump.

I went with a 6 [my Platinum trophy difficulty rating]. For the most part, even with a Trophy guide, the game was fairly straight forward. In Your Crosshairs, Lock and Load, and Ironman (the one which requires you to score an offensive and defensive TD) were a total PITA to me.

I decided that I would finish off the game today. I sat it aside a while back because I was totally PO’ed over these trophies. Finally, decided to proclaim my Independence, and get the Platinum today. After trying to gimp the system with my 13 year old (Crosshairs and Lock and Load) I decided to do it own my own. Took a while, but finally pulled it off doing what others mentioned in various threads. Use a curl pattern and have your CB jump the route. Actually had to do it twice because I didn’t get a TD the first time.

Ironman actually came pretty easy today. I did the 7′ OLB/HB route, and got a defensive TD by stripping the ball on a punt. I gave up trying to block it, so started going for a strip, which actually worked. I thought I wasn’t going to get an offensive TD, but managed one with under a minute to play.

Ding – NCAA Football 12 Platinum goodness with less than a week to spare before I get to take on Herschel Walker’s records in NCAA Football 13. The demo was OK, and I know I will spend more time with Madden 13, but I can’t help myself …


2 thoughts on “NCAA Football 12 – Platinum at Last”

  1. NCAA 12 wasn’t too bad, but there were a couple of crap Trophies that took me until the bitter end to actually get. I probably would have gotten them earlier, but they were the PITA variety, so I just put the game down until I realized that with a little more effort I could get the Platinum. Of course now the game is worthless – would be lucky to flip it for $5 on ebay, so will probably give it to one of my boys friends.

    NCAA 13 is much easier in that it only has 1 crap Trophy – the Read and React one. I’m already 65% finished, without a whole lot of effort. I’ll probably hit 75% this weekend without too much trouble.

    Only reason I picked it up was because I could “be” Herschel Walker. I’m a die-hard sports gaming fan (my original roots are reviewing sports games), so I have to say that I’m disappointed in NCAA 13.

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