The Reinvention of Green Lantern

I’m not going write an op-ed on “gay issues” – that commentary is not the sort of thing I want to do in the Recycle Bin; let’s leave that for another day. With that said, I do have a bone to pick with DC Comics.

In my opinion it’s an absolute travesty what the liberal media is doing to push its agenda; attempting to ram its collective anti-religious, anti-main stream, out of touch values down the throats of Americans. Their minds are set – if you are against this you are a homophobe, vindictive, intolerant SOB bigot.

How on God’s Green Earth does any company in its right mind decide to reinvent history and make the original Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, gay? He was not gay in 1940, but now he has to be gay because that is what society demands? Who exactly is demanding that Green Lantern, much less other original super heroes must be gay in order to “keep up” with the times?

“It’s a realistic depiction of society,” he said. “You have to move with the times.”

“I hope he’s a positive figure. If there’s some kind of kid out there who’s reading the comic and who’s worried about the person he is, maybe it will give him a positive sense of who he is. Or maybe a different kid will read it and decide I don’t need to bully some kind of kid in school,” Robinson said.

“We should be preaching love and tolerance,” he said.

If the comic reading public does in fact need a gay super hero, please make a new one, and leave the past to the past; no matter how much someone wants to revise history, it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.


4 thoughts on “The Reinvention of Green Lantern”

  1. DC Comics is part of the liberal media? Probably they’re hoping one of their lesser-known comics reaches a wider audience as polls show wider acceptance of gay people, especially in younger generations.

    They wouldn’t risk such a thing with Batman or Superman.

    I used to read comics back in the day (when most gays were in the closet, including a lot of married men who devastated their wives and children later on) but have very little interest in reading them now, though the comics apps for tablets seem to be really popular.

  2. It’s the whole concept of “pushing” an agenda, that made me label DC Comics as part of the liberal media.

    OK, that could be a little over the top, but as I said, if DC Comics needs a gay super hero, fine, make one. I just hate that DC Comics has taken an established Golden Age super hero and decide that he is gay. Yes, I understand there was re-boot in the process, but in my opinion that is just too over the top.

  3. One of the most popular podcasters is Adam Carolla, who has a lot of conservative views. He teams up often with Dennis Prager, a conservative radio talk show host.

    They were blaming the liberal agenda for the elimination of diving boards and the ‘extremist’ anti-smoking crusade.

    Adam is often entertaining.

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