Skype – Vita Credit

While I famously wrote about Skype Skipping Me (and my PSP-1000), I plan to take the plunge with my Vita. Sony is making Skype a little easier to test out be offering up a $2 credit.

Not sure if this Sony email with voucher offer is going out to all Vita owners, Vita owners that downloaded the Skype app, or some other combo. I downloaded the Skype app when it was first offered, but didn’t sign up for a Skype account until I received the credit, which will allow me to give Skype a go on my Vita for free. At least for a few minutes.


2 thoughts on “Skype – Vita Credit”

  1. $2 is not much (I spend much more paysafecards each month on Skype alone) but it’s still a nice gesture. I loved Sony for that.

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