Ciel nosurge – Fairy Dating Made Expensive

If and when Ciel nosurge gets a U.S. release, hopefully we will receive an all-in-one bundle, and not have to deal with a base game plus DLC episodes [Link: ADULT Content WARNING].

It’s my understanding that Japanese gamers eat up dating simulations like hotcakes, but maybe not so much for the Western gaming audience. Since these releases are few and far between in the U.S., they quickly gain niche and cult following status. At a minimum, I pick up anything like Ciel nosurge [Link: ADULT Content WARNING], especially in offered limited edition packages because I know I can flip them in the future on eBay for huge ROI.

Gust’s upcoming PS Vita moeblob-dating sim “Ciel nosurge” has been attracting a great deal of favourable attention online, and looks set to become the most hotly anticipated title on the Vita – at least amongst the creepy otaku demographic.

I certainly don’t think I fall into any sort of creepy demographic [so says me!]. The art style looks fantastic, which for me is the hook. Put it this way, the Vita needs RPGs, Gust via NIS America has some splendid ones, so hopefully Ciel nosurge gets a U.S. release. Besides, what’s not to like? Fairy courting? Sign me up.


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