WTF – Koetter Hire As OC Not Exactly Inspiring

Seriously. WTF were the Falcons thinking hiring Dirk Koetter (former OC for the Jacksonville Jaguars) for their vacant OC position?

The Jaguars have had some obvious personnel deficiencies. The organization was a mess and head coach Jack Del Rio clearly had lost his effectiveness. But it’s safe to conclude Koetter was not viewed as anybody’s “hot” candidate.

Two factors may have played into this hiring: 1) Smith wanted somebody he is comfortable with, and in this case that’s somebody he has worked with; 2) The Falcons’ third straight immediate playoff exit has, for the first time, put some heat on Smith, and that perceived uncertainty sometimes affects a team’s ability to hire a high-profile candidate.

Good Lord and good grief, I hope this turns out well, but at first glance, this hire is not exactly “I will renew my season ticket holder status” inspiring.

Please let me eat my words …


2 thoughts on “WTF – Koetter Hire As OC Not Exactly Inspiring”

  1. I think the public’s perceptions of coaches and those of coaches themselves diverge often.

    For instance, despite poor record as a Head Coach, Mularkey keeps getting chances and he will get OC jobs at a minimum.

    Todd Haley didn’t even last 2 seasons in KC but he’s probably going to land on his feet as an OC again.

    Maybe it’s just a fraternity and it’s safer to hire someone who has experience and whom they know than take chances.

    Real good coordinators are usually candidates for HC jobs so they also often promote position coaches to coordinators.

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