No Falcons? Red Zone to the Rescue

I’m sitting around on my bum today because the Falcons have a rare ‘off’ Sunday. Nice little ‘reward’ for getting my family safely back home from the Georgia Dome Friday morning, 2AM’ish. The Falcons absolutely demolished the Jaguars 41-14 on Thursday Night Football, NFL Network style.

Thankfully I have the Red Zone in HD for my ADD viewing pleasure. Never had crack, but I think going full throttle from game to game from kickoff to 7:30PM (or whenever the last afternoon game is over) is more or less addicting.

Meanwhile, the Falcons have another couple of days off, as they push forward to secure their grip on the #5 Wild Card seed.

Smith set off a minor celebration after the game when he told the players they don’t have to practice again until Tuesday.

“Four or five days off couldn’t come at a better time,’’ Ryan said.

The break might also allow the Falcons to get injured cornerbacks Brent Grimes (knee) and Kelvin Hayden (toe) back on the field. Having a fully healthy secondary could be crucial against the pass-happy Saints, who defeated the Falcons in overtime in their Nov. 13 meeting in Atlanta.

It’s doubtful that the Saints are going to go down two of three times against the Vikings, Falcons, and Panthers, so they pretty much have a lock on the NFC South.

With that said, I like the Falcons position; having to play the Giants or Cowboys is not very intimidating. I will go so far as to say the Falcons will actually get three points against either team.

Go Falcons!


2 thoughts on “No Falcons? Red Zone to the Rescue”

  1. There seems to be two opinions on the Falcons.

    First, they’re dismissed because they lost in the playoffs last year with HFA and this year, they will likely be wildcards.

    Second, their offense is potentially more dangerous if Jones can have a big game in the playoffs.

    Packers lost their quest for perfect record but actually, their offense was due for a bad game, so it might not be a good sign for the rest of the NFC.

    Still hard to see anyone preventing a Saints at Packers championship matchup, as flawed as their defenses may be.

  2. After watching Red Zone yesterday, instead of any one specific game, I would still much rather face the Cowboys or Giants on the road. I don’t want to have to take on the Saints, two out of three weeks, both times on the road.

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