UGA – Where It All Went Wrong

This is an interesting article (via discussing where the UGA football program suffered a misguided step that setup the current downturn.

UPDATE: I asked Coach Richt at his presser Tuesday what he would point to as the main reason for the recent downturn. Here’s what he said:

“Last year we went through all that, and we talked about things that are a year old. Those are old. This season is the only thing I’m really concerned about, and obviously, we turned the ball over. Not only were they turnovers, they were turnovers for points. I guess there was five yards they had to track one time. Our defense basically gave up 17 points to a pretty darn good football team. They had no responsibility for the fake punt, the pick six or the fumble for a touchdown. They could have stopped them on the five yard line going in. Sudden change – that’s their job to turn it into a field goal. We just gave that one away.”

In general, the team has become undisciplined, does not seem to be ‘hungry’ which at some point has to fall on the coaches. UGA year in and year out has a top recruiting class, which at a minimum means Richt and company are bringing in quality athletes. It is up to the staff to put these young men in a position to win. Seems to be a lost cause.

Of course, win out and all is forgiven with the fan base.  Well, most will forgive, a few will still call for Richt’s head to be placed on a platter.


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