Smart Answer

I’ll give him this, Vick continues to say all the right things, which is a huge sign that he really gets ‘it’, has moved on, and is as he said more mature than he was during his tenure in ATL.

Q. A former Falcon once returned to the Dome as an opposing player and called it my house. Are you ready to do that?

A. No, that’s not my house. That’s Matt Ryan’s house. I’m just a visitor.

I’m a huge season ticket paying homer X5, but I just don’t see the Falcons winning this one. Hope I am wrong. I do know the tailgating is going to be crazy, intense, and a ton of fun.


3 thoughts on “Smart Answer”

  1. o come on – i actually picked you guys to win this one – Phili is way overated – and by week 8 – this team will have major ego issues. once they roll off 2 loses in a row the infighting will begin. mark my words

  2. Joe – Hope you are right on all accounts. Starting C and FB are out, which will kill blitz blocking and running game. Harry D (slot WR) is probably out, which also hurts; he had a great preseason. Babs is also out; solid depth on the d-line.

    wco81 – Was shocked they did not attempt to throw it down the field and stretch things out, but I think this goes back to C and FB going down. McClure and Mughelli are very under appreciated.

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