Mel B – Week 5

Today I completed 5 weeks with Get Fit with Mel B. It’s hard for me to believe that I have accomplished 4-5 pounds of weight loss just for ‘playing’ a game. Would this work for everyone? Probably not. Will I stick to it? Good question – I’m in deep and would like to earn a few more Trophies vs. throwing Mel B to the curb.

Data, Accomplishments, Fitness Level to Date:

  • 27 Workouts
  • 8,592 Reps
  • 193 Fitness Minutes
  • 522 Aerobic Minutes
  • 94% Best Rated Workout
  • 6,375 Stars Earned
  • 5,020 Calories Burned – Thanks Mel B!
  • 53% Trophies Earned
  • Fitness Level 55
  • Step Level 75
  • Dance Level 80
  • Combat Level 75
  • Cardio Level 75
  • Advance Cardio Level 55
  • Bump ‘n’ Tone Level 85


At this point I don’t plan to write regular Mel B updates. I will sum this up by saying that I do feel a sense of pride that I knocked off 5K calories that otherwise would have turned into fat. I mean, maybe not the full 5K, but a large chunk would have settled around my belly.

Day 35
After ‘date night’ and the upsetting UGA defeat to Boise St., I really needed a strong workout, but really wasn’t in the mood. I pressed forward …

I did a 20 minute Advanced Cardio workout good for 140 calories. More importantly (to the Trophy whore in me) the workout was a solid 92%, which gave my Cardio a small increase to Level 55%.

I started feeling ‘it’ a little bit (not sure what ‘it’ is other than the mood to go after it a few more minutes), so I followed up with a 15 minute Step workout. This was another solid 92% workout, which was good for burning ~130 calories. I also received a small bump to Level 75.

Not too bad; 270 calories on the day and a couple of 5% bumps.

Day 34
Total was ‘Dance’ Challenge day; oh how I hate dancing in Mel B. Sucks for me because I have to get a gold medal, do at least 20 Dance workouts, and continue to improve my Dance Fitness level. Well, at least I have to if I want to eventually earn the Platinum Trophy.

After 155 calories spent dancing like a drunken monkey (not a pretty sight), thankfully I managed a 92% gold medal. I was a little worried because I got a 79%; my other low scores were 86% and 87% … I managed enough scores in the 90s to compensate. Trophy ding as the Silver ‘Full House’ went pop. Thank God!

I followed up with another custom Fitness workout, once again concentrating on crunches and press-ups (to use the British vernacular). I hate not knowing how many reps have been completed. I assume these 1000 rep Trophies will eventually pop.

Now to start grinding (in a good way – I am losing weight and getting fit) to earn some of the 20 workout Bronze Trophies.

Day 33
I went after the ‘Dance’ Challenge, but came up just short at 89%. The only good news is that in the process of just missing the gold medal for this challenge, I did burn ~140 calories for my efforts. I have to get a little better; two really low exercises of 66% and 77% set me back.

Next up, I decided to do the ‘Cardio Test’ Challenge, and totally kicked its ass, earning a gold medal. I had one poorly rated exercise of 73%, but obviously mastered the rest. This Challenge was worth ~45 calories, which seems low, but the Challenge was pretty short. This makes me wonder if the Challenges are based on your current Fitness level. If this is the case, anyone that happens upon this article and is trying to Trophy hunt the game needs to tackle the Challenges first before their Fitness level increases.

Just too really add in an extra calorie boost, I did a 15 minute fitness workout, which was good for 135 calories. I concentrated on sit-ups and push-ups in order to help tackle my belly fat, man boobs, and to keep grinding towards the 1000 sit-up and 1000 push-up Trophies. These should be lifetime achievement awards (i.e. Silver or Gold, not Bronze).

After burning ~320 calories, I was spent. In a good way. I have Sat, Sun, and Labor Day to see if I can finally get the Silver ‘Full House’ Trophy for getting gold medals in all the Challenges. Dancing sucks …

Day 29
After last week’s tracking mishap on the Abs Attack Challenge, I did a quick practice run and then stomped the test, earning 99%, 98%, and 94% on the three exercises, which burned ~35 calories and earned me a gold medal.

Next up, I took the Legs of Steel Challenge, taking this one easily to earn another gold medal, and racking up ~32 calories in the process.

I only need the Cardio Test and Dance Challenges to knock off the remaining test Challenges.

I finished up my workout session by setting up a custom Fitness run of 15 minutes. I did manage to knock off ~129 calories, which means I did close to 200 calories on the morning. Nice.

Speaking of nice, I clipped the 4K calorie mark this morning. I think that is pretty cool, but I still wish the game tracked number of individual exercise reps instead of overall reps. After all, how am I to know how many more push-ups (I guess press-ups in the UK) and crunches are required to earn those 1K rep Bronze Trophies?


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  1. JC,

    It’s never even entered my head that they would be called anything other than press-ups. Thinking on it now, push-up makes much, much more sense…

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