Labor Day Spectacular – Red, White, and Blue

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend – baseball, college football, cold blue cans of wonderment, and BBQ. In tribute to the last gasp of summer, I give you eye candy for your summer closeout viewing pleasure.

Labor Day delicious eyecandy

Glod bless America!

Me? I started the weekend festivities a little early. I was in the ATL last night for the Falcons vs. Ravens game, which absolutely sucked. I’m going to demand a refund; not that it will happen or anything. The entertainment put on by the Falcons last night was disgraceful.

I bet Mel B is going to be sorely disappointed when she realizes that I am going to put back on those five pounds she helped me drop. Heck, after last night’s tailgate, I probably already ate my way to half of that fat. Easy come, easy go …

Speaking of tailgating, I’ll probably grill out every day over the long weekend, drink a truckload of beer, and catch whatever football action happens to come my way. There is that little game Saturday night at the Dome featuring my beloved Bulldogs taking on the blue turf boys from Boise St.

Hope you and yours have a great holiday!


2 thoughts on “Labor Day Spectacular – Red, White, and Blue”

  1. I agree – nice bookends with July 4 and Labor Day. Next year I need to go for some sort of seasonal … maybe starting this year. Winter Blues, Spring Break, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Oktoberfest …

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