Videogame Overload – It’s Raining Games

My wife is probably going to look at me a little squirrely – Amazon has just shipped backorders of NIER and the Tomb Raider Trilogy, and has also informed me that Captain America will be arriving by Wednesday. Let’s not forget that Madden Day is tomorrow with the ‘official’ release of Madden 12.

When I explain that two of the games (NIER and TR Trilogy) were heavily discounted, and that the Captain America game was purchased at its first significant price drop, she is going to look at the stack of backlog games I have just waiting for some TLC. Yep, I’m fucked. It doesn’t really matter that Captain America will most likely be tucked away until Christmas for my little guy.

It doesn’t help my cause that Iron Man 2 (sort of, kind of, purchased for the younger guys), and another Cabela game (Cabela’s North American Adventures), along with Kung Fu Rider showed up last week.

It’s great to stock up on hours and hours of future gaming action, but … there is really no justification for the onslaught of games raining on my front porch. I think survival is going to require a couple of these are going to have to team up with Captain America is the ‘Christmas’ box.


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