The Olde Country

As they say in the Old Country, I shall not be posting for a few days, hopefully lifting up a few pints of new previously undiscovered deliciousness during my travels.

I don’t think there is anything worse than international travel. Arrive at the ATL airport super early because the kiosk either will not read my passport, or I have been flagged as a naughty and dangerous super spy. Probably both; I’m a bad man. Stand in line with a bunch of equally grumpy travelers, and all that before we get violated by the security lines.

Traveling on a plane, outside of business / first class is really awful; and I think the airlines do their level best to make it as uninviting and intimidating as possible. The seats suck, are uncomfortable, and you just know luck always dictates getting a fat or smelly person (sometimes both) that wants to invade your personal space. I’m sorry, but if you cannot fit within your own seat, you should be required to purchase two tickets. Not to mention that the seats are too damn small in the first place, but I digress. If you stink, security should kick you out before you are allowed in the terminal. Just saying.

In short, if you cannot tell, I’m really not looking forward to this trip to (not so lovely) Nottingham; probably 18 hours from the time I leave my house to the hotel. For my troubles, hopefully I’ll get to partake in at least one drink at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.


2 thoughts on “The Olde Country”

  1. International business class is nice but hard to justify that kind of money.

    So as bad as long-haul coach flights are, you have to put up with it to get to some awesome places.

    Then you accumulate enough miles to occasionally fly business/first.

  2. A couple of years ago I was flying enough that I would get bumps, especially to Costa Rica, but I think I have only received one UK bump (on a return flight). I spent $80 out of my own pocket to get a “comfort economy class” (or some such) seat; it was worth it.

    I didn’t even bother to wright about the return trip – total hell … flight cancellation, stuck in the UK for an extra day, etc.

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