PS Vita Preordered

I preordered a PS Vita from Amazon last night after checking to see if the preorder page was finally up. It was, so I did the needful.

I opted to go with the Wi-Fi version because I have not seen any indications yet how AT&T will price Vita’s 3G offering. Saving $50 bucks, also means an extra game, but the appeal of having connectivity wherever I have AT&T connectivity is very strong.

Unfortunately I doubt AT&T will offer a one-time use fee, or a standard flat rate; best guess is on some sort of bandwidth tier similar to current smart phone plans. I really do not need another monthly bill of any sort.

What I do need is to get my wife a new phone next month for her birthday, and since we are already planning to switch off the T-Mobile network, which pretty much sucks in our area, the timing of a switch to AT&T for upcoming Vita support is in our (well mine anyway) sweet spot.

I’ve been tempted to get my wife an iPhone; although she would not utilize all the features, I am sure my boys will! If AT&T does some sort of bundled offering for multiple devices (I don’t think they currently do this) I would switch to AT&T in preparations for a 3G Vita Christmas.

More to come as events and launch games unfold.


2 thoughts on “PS Vita Preordered”

  1. It’s a nice piece of gear and Sony is taking a loss initially to get the product out there.

    I content myself with playing some iPhone games on the side so for Sony and Nintendo’s sake, I better not be representative. But clearly, smart phones have influenced the decision-making at those companies. Vita’s pricing is a reflection of smart phone and tablets and WiiU seems more a response to Apple than it is to anything Sony and Microsoft has done in consoles.

    Even at the price, it would have to do more than gaming, I suspect. There may not be as much of an appetite for a device that does one thing and not much else. That means it better have a good, fast browser, access to media outside an official video store and being able to run non-gaming apps. would help a lot.

    I agree about the data plan for a games device. Plus I’m not sure how good gaming would be over 3G anyways. Are you going to race online on a Vita version of GT via 3G or play multiplayer online on Uncharted? You probably want AT&T’s LTE network for throughput and better latency.

    On iPhone, I play simple turn-based games, which fit in with playing in bursts during the time when I’m able to play. Certainly don’t need bandwidth for that but you don’t buy the Vita to play Words with Friends or Scrabble online.

  2. I think the 3DS will push some serious numbers once the big franchises – Mario Kart, Super Mario, Zelda, etc – start making an appearance.

    Vita will be dedicated to the ‘hard core’ portable gaming market. With the price being under $250 (and $300 for the 3G version) it is possible that the Vita will give Nintendo a serious run for the money. The PSP is the only major handheld (talking dedicated gaming device here) that has managed to be ‘successful’ and give Nintendo a real push.

    The real question is going to be if the time of dedicated handheld gaming devices has passed. If yes, Sony is in for a major disappointment and financial setback. Nintendo is already seeing some poor 3DS numbers, but those first-party games should help.

    The PSP has already proven that it can provide exceptional handheld gaming far beyond what can be offered on an iPhone. I am talking God of War. Do casual gamers care? Probably not to the tune of picking up some sort of smart phone *and* a Vita with monthly bandwidth charges for both!

    Who wants to carry a smart phone, a tablet, and a Vita? I have a bb for work; honestly I do not want to have to carry a second ‘personal’ smart phone, but it would have been nice if the Vita managed to use that 3G connectivity for phone service.

    Tons of questions still about the Vita – everything from battery life (how long on a single charge) to things like ‘will my PSP digital comics transfer the Vita?’

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