Remote Play – Great Idea, Poor Execution

PlayStation LifeStyle has a PixelJunk Shooter 2 interview with Q-Games founder, Dylan Cuthbert. Nice little interview, which is surprisingly lacking in PixelJunk Shooter 2.

First, this Remote Play quote below caught my attention.

Equally, has remote play proven popular, and what difficulties does the feature bring?

We have decided to drop remote play in Shooter 2 because of difficulties combining that with the online versus play. I’m not sure really that people use this feature much anymore but in the past it has been relatively popular.

It’s too bad that Sony never found a way to make Remote Play more acceptable with their publishing partners. Sony is equally culpable for Remote Play being discarded like a can of beans. As this post’s title suggests, Remote Play is a wonderful idea, but Sony fucked up in the delivery of the goods. Sony could have, and should have, made some of their IP such as Qore support Remote Play.

The second item in this article that caught my eye was the reference to the next PixelJunk game, Lifelike.

Was there ever any consideration for using PlayStation Move?

Not for Shooter 2 no, because it would have distanced the game-play too far away from the original game. However, PixelJunk Lifelike, a game we are developing, will be utilizing the Move!

I took a look at the video, which really did nothing to help me understand WTF the developer wanted to do with this teaser trailer. I suck at rhythm and music type games; hope that is not where this is headed. Regardless, the PixelJunk line has some interesting games, so I cannot wait to see what Q-Games come up with next.

Funny. I read the article for Pixel Junk Shooter 2 info, and referenced two other items.

Good gaming! Happy Sunday!


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