F1’s Fickle Dance

How much tweaking of the rules will be accepted before the fans just turn off the tube in favor of something more compelling? I have not researched the numbers (if they are even publicly available) to see where this season’s F1 ratings stand compared to the past three or four; however I expect that the numbers for 2010 should be decent. This year has been interesting – decent points battle, intense team battles with Red Bull highlighting the fun, and of course a close Drivers and Constructors points chase.

So of course Bernie Ecclestone wants to switch things up; go figure. I could write more, but why bother. For a super rich buy, he is really a dumb bloke.

The 2011 season will see more rule changes: moveable rear wing, the return of KERS, and adjustable front wings are no longer allowed. Of course there are other changes in the name of making the aerodynamics easier for overtaking. Apparently it is all about the show; the powers that be want to go from limited passes to passes on every lap, which could happen thanks to the moveable rear wing.

While it is not a rule change, the return of Pirelli should make things plenty interesting. They have promised to make tires that are safe, long lasting, but they will degrade at the right frequency. Think Canadian Grand Prix.

No Mr. Ecclestone, F1 is exciting without going to an unnecessary Olympics medal system. Each year I write that I would love to see the addition of points for winning the pole, leading at the halfway point, and running the fastest lap. A few extra points up for grabs will keep things interesting until the bitter end of even the most predictable race.

But enough about 2011, the 2010 season still has enough drama to make most F1 fans plenty happy.


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