Lindy’s Southeastern 2010 Annual Comments

Last year I thought it was a fluke that North Texas was not included in the various team previews for the Sun Belt conference. I did a quick site search and came across my Lindy’s post from last year.  WTF?  Déjà vu all over again? Once again North Texas is excluded from Lindy’s coverage.

I get it; North Texas is not geographically part of the Southeast, although I do not get why the publisher would not include at least a half page of Mean Green coverage as part of their Sun Belt preview. Not that I am bitter or anything.

Overall it is a college football annual that focuses on the SEC with a smattering of Conference USA, Sun Belt sans North Texas, and some fairly lightweight national coverage. As is always the case with Lindy’s Annuals, a few pretty sideline pictures are included; I suppose to help readers pass a long night without alternative materials. If you are looking for a review, you are probably not inclined to pay $7.99 to read about all things SEC.


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