Codemasters Brings F1 Home

I was over at PlayStation LifeStyle checking out the latest news, and catching up on some older stuff after being out of pocket for a week, and noticed this F1 2010 article.

Are you kidding me? F1 is finally returning to the big boy consoles? In September? With Codemasters behind the development effort of F1 2010? Color me happy!

I’ll preorder this one as soon as it goes up on Amazon, but for now I will hold on to the 2007 release of F1: Formula One Championship Edition for three reasons. First, it is still a fantastic F1 hybrid racing game; fabulous fun running fast laps in the Time Trail mode. Second, it has the US Grand Prix at Indy. Third, the Codemasters’ F1 2010 is an unknown commodity, however their previous hybrid racing track record is solid.


2 thoughts on “Codemasters Brings F1 Home”

  1. JC,

    You’ll find a few months worth of information on F1 2010 here:

    I hear all the talk of the track rubbering in through a weekend, looking after your 8 engines for the season, managing the tyres in changeable weather, being able to lead the development path your team takes, taking part in press conferences and all the rest of it, and I think that if Codemasters get even halfway to delivering what they’ve promised, I’m going to be an awfully happy boy come September.

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