Now Drinking – Black and Green

As spring turns to summer, what better way to beat the heat than with an ice cold Bud Light Lime? Screw the pundits; Bud Light Lime taste great on the beach, by the pool, and especially during a BBQ (or tailgate for that matter).

Jim Beam Black
Now for something a little different. A couple of weeks ago I was going to pick up some Jack to make some Jack BBQ sauce, but instead I went for the Jim Beam Black because it had a $7 mail in rebate. What a great deal; $22.99 bottle for ultimately $16 … hard to go wrong at that price.

I am not going to get all flowery and attempt to describe the aroma, hints of this or that flavoring, and what sort of aftertaste developed as the sips went down. Instead I will say that Jim Beam Black is a solid contender for a medium price bourbon. Its 86 proof (43% alcohol) is a little different than the norm; decent bite without being over powerful. I am sure the bourbon connoisseurs out there would chalk this up to Jim Beam Black being aged 8 years.

I am enjoying Jim Beam Black on the rocks, or as a mixer (Sprite or Diet Dr. Pepper). I do not regret the purchase, however I’ll probably tend to reach to some other favorites first. Makers Mark is still me “go to” bourbon, Knob Creek is still my “top shelf” bourbon of choice, and Wild Turkey 101 is still my favorite higher proof bourbon with a bite.


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