Chris Houston Experiment Ended

Thank goodness this one came to a merciful close; Houston has been shipped to Detroit.

Cornerback Chris Houston was traded to the Detroit Lions for a sixth round pick on Monday, the team confirmed.

Also, as part of the deal, the Falcons will move up to the second pick overall in the fifth round and Detroit will pick 18th in fifth round

Houston may have had some decent speed and athletic ability, but he was never a decent option; a nickel back at best.

Perhaps better news is that the Falcons should give a few compensatory picks.

The Falcons are also expected to receive at least two compensatory picks during the league’s meeting later this month in Orlando. Teams are awarded compensatory picks for the players they lose during free agency in the previous year. The Falcons lost linebacker Keith Brooking, linebacker Michael Boley, cornerback Domonique Foxworth and defensive tackle Grady Jackson last season.

Hopefully Brooking is worth something; he did have a decent year. Boley and Foxworth are sure to be worth two picks, but I doubt the Falcons will receive squat for big ol’ Grady.


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