Eclectic Night of Gaming – Featuring White Knight Chronicles International

Last night was a rather strange night for gaming. When I got hope I popped in White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, but I really did not have much time to spend with the game before supper. I created my avator – looks sort of like a freak Asian kung-fu fighter, so I named him Ming-Fu. That is actually the middle name on the papers of my Shih Tzu, but I digress.

I spent a few minutes watching the story unfold, exploring the city (I think it was called Balandor). This is a very JRPG type game – you know the drill; if you do not like JRPGs you need not try this one out. Early on I decided that I may as well use Leonard (starting character; looks like story will revolve around him) because Ming-Fu is irrelevant. He stands around, nodding his head, looking stupid, but I digress.

I stopped for supper, and jumped back into the game. After leaving the city I lost my third or fourth battle because I could not tell WTF was attacking me. I am sure that as I understand the battle system I can tell what is going on; I blamed it to distractions from my youngest son and turned off the game.

1942: Joint Strike
I jumped over to 1942: Joint Strike because sometimes I just need a rapid fire shooter. I only play this game occasionally; I chalk it up to my dotage – I just do not have the dexterity to dodge, duck, memorize patterns, all while pressing buttons. This is one PSN game I regret purchasing; not really worth $9.99. I never thought I would say this, but I would probably play more if the game included trophy support. Not that I am a trophy whore, but some incentive would be nice.

High Velocity Bowling (HVB)
For my night cap I pulled out HVB. It has been a while since I played this one, and interestingly enough, it is one of the few game I actually enjoy playing online. I played a few off-line games before calling it a night; really just practice to get re-acclimated before going trophy hunting today.  [OK, color me a trophy whore; I am just not very educated!]


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