My PSP – Just Go

I am not sure if this story from TheSixthAxis [always a great read] is also true for the U.S., but I thought it was interesting that the PSPgo is not doing well in Europe.  A price drop and marking re-launch are imminent.

I cannot think of the last time I played my PSP, but I see no reason to “upgrade” to a PSPgo until Sony offers some sort of UMD trade-in incentive. At this point even a price drop is not really all that enticing to me – I could just pick up a DSi.

I was thinking about once again returning picking up some portable sports games. Maybe MLB 10: The Show or 2010 FIFA World Cup on the PSP, but the prices are ridiculous at $39.99 a pop. If the PSP, PSPgo, or whatever the next version is called, is going to thrive, Sony needs to really consider slicing the MSRP for new games.


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