MUT – Cards from Heaven

Hmmm … I had to pack it in early from work today. A family emergency came up and I had to get home to take care of the kids; saying some prayers that everything turns out fine. Thankfully videogames offer us a nice diversion and temporary escape from real life.

I loaded up Madden 10 to check on my MUT auctions to see if I made a further dent in my march towards 1500 coins and my next Silver pack. I know; small potatoes to the experts, but I understand my limits.

Imagine my surprise that magically I had a Legendary Playoff Drew Brees card. MUT cards from Heaven? What sort of server mess up could cause such an issue? EA had schedule maintenance at 2PM EST, so I figured that a goof up was in order, but it looks like the Brees card was a free gift as part of the “Madden Ultimate Team 100k Challenge.”

This card’s coin value is listed at 1000, but on the PS3 the Legendary Playoff Drew Brees card is already being sold at low, low prices. I’ll probably keep the card around for another week or so and see if the prices go back up.

It was funny to plug in Brees and see my rating go from 73 to 80; tempting.


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