Daily Dose of MUT – First Five Days

I am on a 2 game losing skid (Cleveland and Tampa Bay – yikes!), my team rating has dropped to 63, and my chemistry continues to plummet, typically hovering anywhere from 39-45. I am about to have 2-6 contracts expire, and I only have 397 coins in the bank.

Prior to MUT, I had not really played Madden 10 for weeks, so I am just now getting re-acclimated to the game. When I did play, it was always offline, and always with the Falcons (a low 80’ish rated team). The bottom line is that I am struggling with my 63-64 rated GA TX Falcons (pro skill level), but I am having fun.

As soon as I finish off another offline game on pro, I will once again have enough coins to pick up another Bronze pack, which will once again replenish my depleted team. My only issue here is that Silver packs are out of reach. By the time I get to 1500 coins, even with some use of the auction house, I may not be able to field a team, which makes saving for a Silver pack unreasonable.

After a week into this adventure I can so that it is possible to sustain a team without throwing real money at the game, but it begs the question – “is this really fun?”

I’ll answer my previous question by saying yes, however I wish I could earn enough coins to actually purchase a pack of Silver cards and not completely deplete my team. I could just suck it up and pay – $0.25 per Bronze pack, $0.50 per Silver pack, and $0.99 per Gold pack. All perfectly reasonable, and of course this is where EA hopes they can earn a few more dollars. In fact, I bet EA has a gold mine going thanks to MUT.

I came close to “funding” my team with real money last night, and to be perfectly honest I probably will over the weekend just so I can once again see what Madden is like with at least a 70’ish rated team.


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