SEC Predictions (Round 4 – New Year’s Day Bowls)

Ouch. I was pretty far off on the Chicken Way (as my two year-old calls it) game; I am not going to concede that Va. Tech is all that … nothing like the third best ACC team kicking a mediocre SEC team in the mouth. How is that for being ungracious?

Outback Bowl: Northwestern vs. Auburn
The Tigers are giving up 8 to the purple cats, who just happen to carry in a three game winning streak including wins over (at the time) #4 Iowa and #16 Wisconsin. Auburn is bringing a two game winless streak into the Outback, ending their season with losses at Georgia and to #2 Alabama. No shame in that, but looking deeper, the Tigers have lost five of seven. Auburn is still favored by 8? Something smells with this one. Does the Big 10 really such that bad? This is against my better judgment (the SEC has really been flat this Bowl season); Auburn to cover the 8.

Capital One Bowl: 13 Penn St. vs. 12 LSU
How can the Happy Valley bunch be favored by 2.5 over the Tigers from Death Valley? Penn St. is vastly over rated, playing in a weak Big 10 and against subpar competition. I am taking LSU and the points; easy.

Sugar Bowl: 3 Cincinnati vs. 5 Florida
Gators are 12.5 point favorites in a game that at one point looked pretty promising. That was before all the drama with the coaches. There is no doubt that the Bearcats have had a nice season, but it will come to a crashing conclusion tonight in New Orleans. Can the mighty Gators cover? I have missed all year when I have picked them to cover significant points, so this is another “against my better judgment” pick, but Tebow goes out a big time winner. Gators by 14+ points.

Regular Season Record: 46-41
SEC Championship: 0-1
SEC Bowl Record: 1-2
Final Record: 47-44

SEC Bowl Record: 1-2 *Actual, not my predictions


4 thoughts on “SEC Predictions (Round 4 – New Year’s Day Bowls)”

  1. Now don’t get hasty and say something you will later regret! LOL

    Big 10 is currently 3-3, which is not too bad. Iowa is the last hope to make it over .500 or go out with a losing record. That kind of sucks, but Iowa gets Ga. Tech – if the Dawgs can beat the bumble bees, you should like your chances.

    BTW – Ohio St. looked very good.

  2. Hey – I said “might”! :-)

    I know you’ll hate me for this… I actually like GA Tech. I love me some option football!

  3. Hate is such a strong word … but I have no love for the bumble bees. I also love option football; at least in the NCAA Football series! LOL

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