Georgia Salvages Season: UGA 30 – 24 Ga. Tech

I can celebrate with the best of them, but I really did not expect to be claiming victory tonight. Georgia just mauled the #7 Bumble Bees! Hell bells, yes!

So what happens when the top two ACC teams are defeated by mediocre SEC opponents? Not only did #7 Georgia Tech fall today to their state rival, but #18 Clemson also fell to their state rival, none other than the Fighting Chickens from South Carolina. What a glorious day for the SEC, and a disaster of a day for the ACC.

A 7-5 season may not be all that special, but it is tons better than 6-6. When the difference is made at the hands of Tech, all I can say is what a way to end the night.

Three cheers for Russ! He is a damn good Dawg!


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