SEC Roundup (Week 12 – Georgia Blows Lead at the Half)

I am not even sure how to put this one together this morning. There has been a lot of stuff going on (that real life stuff) so I have been more or less sleep deprived the last few days. I decided to call it a day after Georgia took a very safe 20-6 lead into the half. The Dawgs looked good in all facets of the game – the rushing attack was strong, Cox was making good decisions, and the defense was holding a woeful Kentucky passing attack in check. Imagine my surprise this morning when I was putting together this article – Georgia lost 34-27?

I am tempted to look at this one on ESPN360 just to see where it all went wrong. The box score shows that the Bulldogs dominated the game, but KY held onto the ball while the Dawgs turned it over 4 times.

Words cannot describe how disappointing this loss feels, but I guess it was fitting end to a week that saw UGA VII pass away. What a downer of a season this one has been. Instead of being 7-4, and looking for a shot at decent Bowl game, the Dawgs are staring 6-6 square in the eyes. The only hope left to this miserable season is that the Dawgs do not get completely embarrassed by the Bumble Bees on National TV (ABC) next Saturday night.

Making matters worse is that the coaching staff decided not to give an opportunity down the stretch to the QB of the future (TBD). Instead, they thought this team had what it took to be better than .500, but in the end, what would that have been worth? Either way the Dawgs now must face the fact that they could have a losing season (let’s assume they lose out to Ga. Tech, and their Bowl opponent) and next year’s QB will have virtually no experience. So I can picture some early mistakes that are “covered” by the staff as a lack of experience. Excuse me? That experience should have been earned this year during this sad excuse of a season.

Week 12 Roundup
I went 4-2 on the week. Winners were Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and LSU, while my Losers were Georgia, and Tennessee. This brings my total on the season to 44-36. So no matter how bad I miss on my picks next week, I am guaranteed to have a winning season, which is something that cannot be said of Georgia!

Most of the picks were not really surprising, but how about LSU and their poor clock management in the last 30 seconds? I also had a feeling that Tennessee would not cover, but Vanderbilt has failed me too many times this season.


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