Turner – in or out against the NY Giants?

While the Falcons will not provide an “official” injury update for this week’s Giants game until today, USAPlayers [Gambling site? Came up on a google search for Falcons news] thinks Turner is out for multiple weeks.

Michael Turner has already been ruled out of the game after suffering a high ankle sprain last week against the Carolina Panthers. He will likely be out several weeks. It’s not good news for Matt Ryan, who has made uncharacteristic mistakes in the last several weeks, dropping his team to 5-4 overall on the year. He has thrown 10 interceptions over the last five games and already has more picks than all of last season. He has multiple interceptions in three of his last four games (all losses), and star receiver Roddy White only has one 100-yard game during that span.

I expect that Turner will be out this week, but as far as I can tell, this site is the only site currently claiming that Turner is out against the Giants. Mike Smith’s new conference should confirm later today.


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