Brawn thinks F1 will survive

So Ross Brawn thinks F1 will continue onwards without a host of major manufacturers? Racer had the following quote from Mr. Brawn

He added: “It’s a major sport and it (manufacturer involvement) will come round again. But luckily there is a lot of interest from privateers and they will sustain Formula 1 for a good few years. I’ve been in Formula 1 for over 30 years, and I’ve seen it go from total privateers to a huge number of manufacturers back to privateers. It just goes in cycles depending on the climate.

I am not so sure. Is it really appealing to watch Ferrari and Mercedes battle each other, and hope for some excitement from the best of the rest? This is going to be a different F1, and who knows if it will be worth watching. I would be surprised if Ferrari pulled out next; if Ferrari does, that will be the end.

I think Mercedes is a sure bet to pull the plug in the next year or two. I can see their top brass saying that from a financial standpoint it is just not worth the effort. It is not as if they will be competing against other German manufacturers – they will be up against the mystique of Ferrari and have everything to lose if they end up second fiddle to some of the independent teams.


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