Falcons schedule – bye weeks.

I wrote about this before the season started, and mentioned it in my post about the Dallas game. The Falcons face a tougher than normal schedule because they face multiple teams (four to be exact) coming off bye weeks. It is pretty ridiculous. According to the NFC South blog at ESPN …

John in Denver writes: Hey Pat, Love the blog. By the time the Falcons host the Redskins in two weeks they will have faced 3 teams coming of bye weeks in a month’s worth of football. The last team, Washington, will be after a short week for the Falcons because of the Monday night game in NO. I am not trying to whine but is this a huge oversight in the schedule or just one of those things?

Pat Yasinskas: I think it’s just one of those quirks that sometimes happens with NFL scheduling. I don’t think the NFL was intentionally trying to make life tough on the Falcons. But I’m sure the NFL has gotten an earful about this. Falcons president Rich McKay is a co-chairman of the influential competition committee and I’m sure he’s let some important people hear about this matter.

It is more than a quirk, but I do not believe that the NFL was intentionally trying to screw ATL. I do think that it is inexcusable; hope it happens to the Saints next year!


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