More on Turner slowing down

Does anyone know what is wrong with Turner? Pat Yasinskas of the NFC South Blog at ESPN goes into detail pointing out that without a running game, the Falcons are in trouble.

But Turner and the running game haven’t been looking fine and what happened Sunday against Dallas may have demonstrated there’s a problem that’s getting worse instead of better. Turner carried 18 times for 50 yards. That’s a 2.8 average, which would translate into a 0.8 if this were a grade-point average.

Tired legs? He had a couple of big plays in preseason. Undocumented injury? At some point you would think that someone would come to Turner’s defense and point out that he has some sort of problem. Is he just spent after last year?

If the problems with the running game and Turner can be sorted out, I hope the coaches figure out what is wrong in time to keep the Saints offense off the field this Monday night.


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