Sunday mini Marauder pellet report.

I shot a couple of clips – Beeman Crow-Magnum and RWS Meisterkugeln (wadcutters). The Crow-Magnum pellets sprayed a little; at 22 yards they probably covered a half-dollar size area with one really bad flyer.

The Meisterkugeln pellets did better, offering up a quarter sized area mostly in a semicircle pattern. One thing of note was that I noticed that the psi was very much below 2000, probably around 1600 before I started shooting.

Being new to PCP airguns, I need to check the pressure before shooting. If for no other reason, just to be sure I do not have a leak. I will probably have to throw out these results and do a re-test, but that will probably have to wait a week or so.


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