Falcons’ undersized secondary spells trouble.

Yesterday I took the family to Atlanta to make a nice little weekend trip out of the Chargers/Falcons game. Atlanta did manage to pull a 27-24 victory, but the Falcons lost the first half, which was a matchup of starting units, 21-13. Let’s just say that the secondary is somewhat of a mess and spells trouble for the upcoming season.

In the first half, the Chargers pretty much did what they wanted, and third down defense for Atlanta was a joke. I have no idea why Atlanta thought they could let their only legitimate cornerback walk because the current fill-ins are going to be disappointing.

Grimes and Houston may be athletic and fast, but at some point size and natural talent become a factor. Unless something crazy happens and the Falcons pick up an unexpected gift during the 53 man roster cuts, or Atlanta somehow works out a trade, I think Falcons are going to be in for a rude awakening. It does not really matter how good the offense is if the defense cannot shut anyone down.

Someone on the d-line has to step up to put pressure on the QB, which in turn will take some of focus off the secondary. Right now things do not so good.

On a bright now, Grimes did get a sack on a blitz. He could work well as a nickel, and occasionally blitz, which would be a better use of his athletic talent. MLB Loften and FS Erik Colman looked sharp, but other than those two, the defense in the first half of a major bummer.

The kids were pretty much done at the half, so we took it back t the hotel.


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