Favre’s Football Value.

There is always one in the room. Unfortunately, sometimes it is me. Someone always overrates a player such as Favre. As long as the love affair continues to roll on, how about this USAToday article warning fantasy football owners not pick up Favre as their starting QB.

With high-profile players such as Favre, at least one owner in most leagues usually is infatuated with the big name and drafts him way too early. True, the Vikings have an excellent rushing game, strong defense and run an offense similar to what Favre ran during most of his career with the Packers.

If anything, Favre will make RB Adrian Peterson a more obvious No. 1 pick. If Favre forces defenses to take some attention away from the run game, that can only help Peterson, who has been pretty good even when defenses were ganging up on him. Adding Favre might make a 2,000-yard season possible.

The article puts Favre somewhere in the Top 14, but you just know someone is going to take Favre way too early.


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