SuperCar Challenge releases August 28?

I read on PlayStation LifeStyle that SuperCar Callenge is going to be released August 28, but I am not sure if this is for the US or UK. According to System3 this sequel to Ferrari Challenge will feature full 1080p graphics, improved AI, and host of other new additions.

Your opponents’ artificial intelligence has also been completely rewritten with a brand new Dynamic AI setting allowing the game to change the challenge you receive based on how well or badly your career is going. Of course, if you fancy a real challenge you can always set the AI to Legendary… strap yourselves in tightly though because it won’t be an easy ride!

I cannot find the game listed on the usual suspects such as Amazon and EBGames. This is one that I want – Ferrari Challenge is superb, but it is also one I can wait for because I have plenty of gameplay left before I am ready to discard Ferrari Challenge. If you are looking for a much better than decent semi-simulation racing game, Amazon currently has Ferrari Challenge for a tad under $16. Give it a go; it is well worth the price.


3 thoughts on “SuperCar Challenge releases August 28?”

  1. JC,

    August 28th in UK, TBA in USA the last time I checked. I’m in the online beta test for SuperCar Challenge and, while the offline components have not been revealed to us, the netcode is very solid. I’ve no idea what System 3 have been doing for the last 12 months, though, because the handling feels the same as before, the track modelling is *still* off and the wet weather *still* doesn’t do much to change the handling…

    I’d like a go at some of the offline stuff, though the game must have gone gold by now so I can’t see it happening, because my major gripe with Ferrari Challenge was the AI. Too slow, too dumb in the main challenge mode, faster but still thick in the trophy series.

  2. Adam – Thanks for the comments. I think driving in wet weather is a bitch. Either the US version is different than what you guys get in the UK, or maybe I just suck. Maybe both. I am pretty sure that these days I suck at games, but I honestly think driving in the wet is a different experience than driving under dry conditions.

  3. Only these days, huh? I jest, mate.

    The track that sticks in my mind is Vallelunga. The difference between a wet lap and a dry lap there is about three seconds, which is nothing like enough. It does feel a bit different – a bit less grip under braking, a bit less traction on the way out – but only a bit, and the effect on laptime is tiny.

    In the SuperCar Challenge beta, a DBR9 gets around Spa in about 2:20 in the dry and about 2:25 in the wet…

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