Gran Turismo PSP – What about the racing?

As I read more and more info about the upcoming Gran Turismo for the PSP, I run across lots of info on the graphics, some on the physics, but nothing about the actual racing. This latest preview article from PSXExtreme is more of the same.

Moving on, upon approaching a PSP devkit running the game, somebody had left it with an Audi A3 running on the Tokyo course. I picked the unit up and immediately found myself dazzled at how phenomenal the game looks running on the PSP. Now, I will say that you shouldn’t buy into the hype that it looks like Gran Turismo 4, because it doesn’t. Ultimately, the PS2 is the stronger unit, so the PSP cannot do what its bigger brother can. On the other hand, the reason why people so often claim that the PSP game looks like GT4 is because its lighting most closely resembles that of the PS2 title. The cars have a very beautiful sheen to them, making their colors pop and look natural. As far as the textures are concerned, the cars are a very, very slight step below GT3, and for a handheld unit with a three-inch tall screen, that’s absolutely fantastic.

If the game is built on any of the previous GT titles then everyone knows what to expect. I will purchase it just because I am curious, and I have always been a fan of the series; even if the actual racing sucks.


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