kotaku on lightish PSP Go.

I continue to soak up all the PSP Go goodness that I can find; both the good and the bad. kotaku (via N4G) has an interesting article about how light the PSP Go is compared to the iPhone. All that is well and good, but I thought this part of the article was interesting.

For many of the vocal readers on this site, the questions that linger about the PSPgo are the price and the system’s support of existing disc-based games, particularly those that prospective Go buyers already posess. The Sony rep I spoke to in New York stuck to the comments chief U.S. PlayStation marketing man Peter Dille gave Kotaku during E3, that the October 1, $250 unit is priced for early adopters.

It will remains hard to assess the true cost of that $250 price until Sony explains how gamers will or won’t be able to play the many disc-based PSP games on the disc-drive-free Go, via data transfer, some sort of trade-in system, re-purchasing discounts or whatever. As of yesterday, that plan remains to be announced. (Going forward it does seem that major releases will be released digitally for the PSPgo, as Sony has previously announced. The timing of those releases remains unclear, though, as, for example, a LucasArts rep at the Sony event was not able to say whether the downloadable version of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron would be released the same day as the disc game hits stores or a little before or after.)

At this point I do want a Go, but I am having a hard time justifying the price. There is nothing wrong with my PSP-1000; being old and heavy as a brick, it still works fine. Football season is about to start; I need a new tailgating grill and the Webber Q220 is about the same price as a Go.

If I go with a Go [I know, the pun sucks] I will want to replace my UMD library, using my PSP-1000 for some homebrew fun. I wish Sony would publish WTF they are planning to do for a UMD trade in program, but for now it looks like we will just have to speculate.


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  1. Digital distribution isn’t only about copying iPhone but also cutting out the used games market, which is a sore point for developers.

    Besides waiting to see if they let you get digital copies of UMD games, they’ll probably have a bundle with something like GT Mobile, after they have a big launch.

    With soft sales overall in gaming, Sony may blink on the PSP Go price sooner than later.

  2. wco81 – Yes, cutting out the used game market is a big part of digital distribution. One of the big advantages we as gamers have right now is that we can sell games to move on to the next purchase. With digital distribution, that goes away.

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