Ferrari announces Schumacher’s return!

I was looking for a good link to talk about Michael Schumacher’s return to Ferrari as Felipe Massa’s replacement and just could not find what I was really looking for in a story. Then I remembered my mate from across the Pond; a good bloke that contributed in the early days of CG. Adam’s recent Petrol Head post puts some nice flavor on Schumacher’s return …

It has been suggested that getting Michael Schumacher to agree to a brief comeback must have taken the hardest of hard sells from the Ferrari top brass. Really? Getting him to retire in the first place must have taken some doing, since when he stepped out of his car in the Interlagos paddock in October 2006 he was a driver still at the top of his game, with plenty of driving left in him and, to the eyes of the distant observer, being sidelined against his will. “Any chance you could leave us the keys, Michael? It’s just we’ve got this Finnish bloke coming to have a look at your car…”

I for one am excited to see what Schumacher can do with this current generation of F1 machines. Should be good times all around, and with a little luck maybe Schumacher can help get Ferrari back to the top podium spot.


2 thoughts on “Ferrari announces Schumacher’s return!”

  1. JC,

    Thanks for the mention and the kind words; both are much appreciated.

    I’ll be staggered if Michael can come back and be right on the ultimate pace in Valencia (though in saying that, if anyone can do it…), but after that we’ve got Spa and Monza to come, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he was right at the sharp end in those events. The prospect of seeing him in a current-spec machine is a mouthwatering one, and to be honest I wish the European Grand Prix was tomorrow and not 3 weeks away.

  2. Adam – I agree that seeing MS up front is just wishful thinking on my part, but as you said, if anyone can, *he* can. It will be pretty damn interesting to see what he can do with the current specs.

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