Bushnell ELITE 3200 goes under the knife.

I recently posted on the Straight Shooters forum that my Bushnell Elite 3200 7-21-40 Scope has encountered some unforeseen issues. My very expensive scope has some strange spots on it that cannot be cleaned, but one of the Straight Shooters owners attempted to clarify the situation.

“When the scope is assembled, there is nitrogen on the inside to keep things dry. A small amount of oil is placed around the rim to attract any loose nitrogen dust that might be floating around, much like an oil spot on a garage floor attracts dust. However, once in awhile, probably due to the two way recoil of the airgun, a small amount of that oil can get splattered onto the back of the lens. You can’t see it when shooting but you can sometimes see the small drops if you look into the lens from the large (wrong) end.”

The Bushnell warranty information looks fairly solid. According to the manual and online site info …

“We are so proud of our Bushnell® ELITE® Riflescopes that their materials and workmanship are warranted to be free of defects for the life of the ELITE Riflescope. The warranty is available to any owner of the ELITE Riflescope. No receipt or warranty card is required. This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or improper handling, installation or maintenance of the riflescope.”

I decided to send in the scope for repairs. While the spots are not hurting anything (at least right now), they do bother me. Besides, the scope is worth a car payment, so I figured I would see if I could get Bushnell to correct the problem.

I will provide an update after I get my response from Bushnell.


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  1. It has taken a while, but last week the warranty repair page changed from “hold for inspection” to warranty repair y/n = “y” and repair status = “Replacement Item on Order”

    For point of reference, Bushnell received the scope April 8. It took well over 30 days for it to get to this point.

    Will keep everyone posted.

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