Now …

It has been a while since I did a “now drinking” segment, so I guess it is time …

“This ain’t about this y’all, it ain’t about that
This ain’t about the booty movin’ pumpin’ the max
This ain’t about this, that, what, where, or how
This about the freaks doing everything they wanna do now!”

How about Wild Blue Blueberry Lager This one is serious different (hell, it taste sweet like blueberries) I think it is either one of those love or hate beers. Seems more like one of those Belgium fruity beers that I got to partake in during some of my UK trips, and while it is a lager, it is nothing like what I would normally drink. In fact my wife commented that she did not think I would like it, and I am not sure if I do. It is … just … well … different.

The label says that it won some sort of North American Brewers Association Gold Medal. Not sure what category. Maybe for the fruitiest lager? My wife did say it made her tipsy, so I think I need to keep some around. At only $6.99 a six pack, it was not a total loss. I mean if it only takes $6.99 to get laid, there is nothing wrong with that, right?

Next up is Hop Hound Amber Wheat (by Michelob Brewing). This stuff is pretty darn good. I am not sure what I was expecting. I like hoppy beer, and wheat beer, so these two go hand-in-hand. Another $6.99 purchase and one that I will definitely go back to again. I would go so far as to say that this one will end up in a semi-regular rotation, but it is not one that I will reach for in front of other favorites – various Sam Adams, Harp, Sweet Water 420, etc.

Saving the best for last, we get a truly remarkable beer from Sail Brewing in Hood River, Oregon. Full Sail IPA. I am not sure what to say about this one other than it is delicious and gives me a nice alternative to 420. It is $8.99 for a six pack, so it is a little pricy, but I think it easily delivers value for the price. Hops, full-body flavor (whatever that means; sounded like the thing to say), and a highly drinkable beer. I love IPAs, and I am truly impressed with this one.

Now back to Prince. You knew it was Prince, right?

“67, 67
Freaks dance like they in heaven
DJ don’t stop the music, DJ don’t stop the music
Fill us with de dope track, lick us, twist us, roll us in your mouth
Light us up and take a hit, light us up and take a hit
Mmm, suck us ’til we’re dry
And when we’re lookin’ like a roach, hit the lights
Before U say goodnight though
Let’s make a toast yo
This ain’t about this, that, what, where, or how
This about the freaks doing everything they wanna do now!”

Back to drinking.


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