College weekend week 9 final takes.

Texas HelmetEveryone is going to say that (1) Texas escaped (6) Oklahoma St, 28-24, and by looking at the score, I would say they are correct. Thanks to ABC for not showing us a decent game, but I digress. Maybe the Cowboys are a better than decent team. Texas cannot put up a boatload of points on every opponent, and after a tough run of Oklahoma and Missouri, Texas was bound to come back to earth. Next week features another tough test, when the Longhorns visit Top 10 Texas Tech. Hopefully Texas can survive the Red Raiders. Hook ’em!

Vanderbilt falling 10-7 at home to Duke has to be the biggest disappointment of the weekend for SEC fans. After a 5-0 start, the Commodores have dropped three in a row, and trying to get bowl eligible does not get any easier. Vanderbilt’s remaining schedule features home dates with Florida and Tennessee, with road trips to Kentucky and Wake Forest.

Big Ten football is pathetic. The (3) Penn St at (9) Ohio St game was not even watchable. (5) USC squeaked by Arizona. (2) Alabama also took down the lowly Volunteers.

How are Oklahoma, USC, and Oklahoma State all in front of Georgia? I can see a case for Oklahoma … maybe. USC? No way their strength of schedule has been better than Georgia’s. How can Florida be in front of Georgia in any poll? I think a loss to Alabama is better than a loss to Ole Miss. I am sure Texas Tech will jump over Georgia, and who the hell has Penn State played? Much like the Alabama game, if the Bulldogs do not take care of business in Jacksonville, none of this matters.


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  1. Weighing in –

    Does Texas have what it takes to take Texas Tech this weekend? I have to admit, after the previous yet to be proven, and possibly bold, prediction that they could win out – as I was channel surfing last Saturday, I kept catching Texas Tech touchdowns in the highlight reels running on all the other games. They look to be a worthy adversary this weekend. I’m going to take Texas for the win, but I think this will be a tough game.

    Georgia loses to the Gators, unable to contain the the Offense, and Stafford showing his incredible knack for overthrowing his receivers – this time to a Gator defense which will not drop the ball. Look for Ersa the Magic Dog to be the only one successfully dropping bombs in the end zone. You can find your GA friends in the pubs Saturday night united with Auburn fans in solidarity talking about “next year”.

    And for the love of all things Ex and small, can The Tide finally get upset? I’m looking for the pathetic BCS rating system to manufacture a number 2 Penn State into the championship game with Texas, where Penn will be one with the tribal island dwellers 3000 years ago finding out what a Tsunami is. SEC fans can watch the real number 2 teams playing in one of the other hundred bowl games.

  2. Entertaining stuffs at a time when I needs some stuffs to entertain me.

    This one goes as Knowshon goes. If he gets 100+ on the ground, Georgia wins. If not, Stafford will show his knack for throwing to the wrong color shirts.

    Texas Tech is all finesse; Texas has shown they can stand up to the big boys.

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