Wednesday working towards the weekend.

Another hump day is starting, so let’s get on with the random updates.

No matter how often I look, there is never anyone playing Calling All Cars. What a crock of crap. It has a 77 rating at metacritic, so it is not as if the game is all that bad. I have even started a few online games just to see if anyone would jump in; alas no takers.

I have been enjoying the PixilJunk Eden demo; cannot wait for the full game to be released (should be later this week).

PixelJunk Eden

Oh and I’ve been calling,oh hey, hey, Johnny!
Can’t you come out to play?

I am not sure how to describe the game. Surreal graphics and music, combined with strategy, discovery, and high scores. Did I mention the game has trophies? It is nice seeing some really different and interesting games available on the PlayStation Store.

Sony has release Firmware version 2.42. No idea what it contains. Will download it before work, but may not have anytime to check out the minor features in a minor update. I assume this one has to be minor patch type fixes.

NCAA Football 09 continues to be a fun, but very broken (read more bugs than an anthill) game. If you are going to dump it before Madden is released, now is the time. By September, I can see NCAA Football 09 getting a $10 price drop, along with a massive devaluation on eBay. I am torn. I really do not have enough time to play two football games, but NCAA Football 09 has a chance to be really good (in addition to fun) if the promised gameplay patch in September delivers the goods. Fun times.


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