At long last – a gaming update.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Box ArtFor the first time in 6-8 weeks I decided to put something in the PS3 other than a Blu-ray movie. First up was Gran Turismo 5. Yes, I am a sucker for the series. Yes, I know it does not have the best racing. Yes, I could really care less. I just enjoy the series.

At this point I am still not very far in the game. I have the C series completed, but need to get a Gold Trophy in a couple of events. Cappaccino Time Target; I am still a little over a second from Silver. Honda Integra Mission Race (the one at Daytona); I am 1.1 seconds from passing the lead car. Maybe this says I suck. Don’t know, but I enjoy the challenge of trying to overtake at Daytona.

I have also spent some quality time with Super Stardust HD. This game is only of my all time favorite shooters. My score of 5 point something million is only good for mid 50K on the leader board. Doubt I will ever get much better, but you never know.

Yesterday I download the NCAA Football 09 demo, but have only spent a few minutes with the game. My only real thoughts at this point are that the graphics look a lot better. The semi-cartoony look of the 08 game is a thing of the past.

All for now. Good gaming!


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