Now Drinking. Beer. It’s back and it is good.

PRB LogoIt’s been a while, so let’s get things rolling quickly. First up is a classic

Pabst Blue Ribbon, henceforth referred to as “PBR,” has won numerous awards since its creation in 1844. It was even the beer the military gave to the troops in WWII. Since that time, however, PBR has sort of fallen out of the American beer drinking limelight. Overall, it has a decent taste and at $10.99 for 18, it’s semi-pricey. But PBR is a great way to “drink vintage” if that exists, thanks to its rich heritage and classic cans.

It is what all the cool kids are drinking.

OK, so I am not one of the cool kids, but I digress. Amstel Light is working for me right now. BBQ weekend will no doubt result in some delicious ribs, ribeye, and brats, washed down with Miller Lite and some High Life.

Happy almost 4th of July!


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